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  • Important Tips To Consider For Sending Party Wall Notice

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    It would be unpleasant that if you directly send the party wall notice to your neighbour. That is why professionals recommend that you should always discuss your plans regarding the construction on the party wall before you send notice to the neighbours. Discussing them beforehand will let you know what issues they might face on the other side of the wall and you can include all those points in the notice.

    What are the important things that you should include in your notice?

    You need to be sure about how much it is going to affect the neighbour’s side of the wall and also you need to know that if builder damages neighbours property, who is liable to pay for the damages. All these things are important to mention. Other important thing that should be mentioned is when the work will be done on the wall and your residential ownership details, etc. You will also need to mention it specifically that what kind of work is going to be done on the wall.

    If your construction work includes digging up the foundation of the wall then you need to mention the details of work and why it is going to be done. You will need the neighbour’s confirmation for this kind of construction. However, you can mention the points about how this construction work will be strengthening the foundation. Also, you need to mention the plans of how all these things will be done so that the other party does not face any issue.

  • Complete All The Essential Formalities Before Selling Your House

    Selling a house can be a very difficult task for a person. If you are in Stratford and want to sell your property for various reasons then you should find an experienced and professional broker to make the process easy. If you are not clear about how to process the selling plans for getting higher price then you can follow some essential tips for successful planning of houses for sale in Stratford. Some of these tips are as follows:

    Price it right

    Before pricing, you should compare your price list in the market. You should not quote a higher price for it, if you want to get the best deal. Do little research on the price and trends if you are planning for selling your property. You can also take some advice from a real estate adviser for the price of your property.

    Check your papers

    Legal and civic documents are the basic things which are very important for selling the property. You should collect all the documents of your property that were created during the time of purchase. Furthermore, one should also ensure that all the documents of the property are complete to make the selling process hassle free.

    Clear all dues

    You should clear all the dues like electricity and water bills. It is imperative to clear all the lease amount or property tax as well. If you want a successful transaction process then you should clear all the dues before selling your property.

    Click a clear house picture

    If you are selling your property via social media or real estate website then you should click the best picture of the in and out of the house to post them on the portal. Beautiful and clear picture gives the buyer an insight view of your house.

  • Tips For Claiming A New Lease

    A lot of people in London do take a building, flat or open space on lease for their business. Taking a land on lease is the best to start your business. So, if you have just started your business and are looking forward for a big new space to open your office or store, restaurants, school and many such businesses, then it is best to take that space on lease for several years. Many people find it difficult to claim to a new lease in London. So, mentioned below are some tips which can be really helpful for your lease claiming.

    Hire an expert to claim the lease: There are many companies available in the market which provides the facility to make the claim on any building that is available for rent or lease. Leasing requires a lot of documentation and other things which these companies can do it for you.

    Ensure the finance and lender consent: These companies are real quick when it comes to making the claim on the property, so it is your duty to ensure that all the necessary things such as financer and lender consent must be ready.

    Carryout the valuation: A value needs to be put on the lease agreement so it is best to carry out the valuation process of the property that needs to be taken on lease. You can hire a surveyor to get the property surveyed so that the right market value of the property can be known. Most of the surveyors will charge a fixed amount of money for a single survey.