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        Bangladesh manufacturing base-Chengyi Clothing Co., Ltd.

        Covering an area of over 8000 m2, it has 6 sewing production lines and 400 skilled workers, and the annual output of hats is about 6 million.

        Factory equipment: automatic cloth puller, automatic cutting bed, embroidery machine, automatic printing, etc.

        Main products: baseball caps (low/medium/high baseball caps with different prices and grades, suitable for different customers' needs)

        Products Exports: mainly is the United States, Canada and Mexico.

        Factory Audits: SMETA, WM SCS & WM FCCA

        The factory is located near Bangladesh National University, only 30 minutes drive from the airport.

        6,000,000 pcs

        Six million hats a year


        Quality management

        1.Product development, fabric supply and production technical materials are all provided by HaoHwa office in China to ensure the quality and workmanship of bulk goods.

        2.Staff induction training and regular production line process training to improve and enhance the ability of staff.

        3、Carry out antenatal analysis meeting regularly to prevent problems in mass production in advance

        4、According to different customers, holding quality analysis meeting regularly, to provide better quality assurance follow-up customer order.

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