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        China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Acces

        Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics is a comprehensive platform to showcase your supreme apparel fabrics and accessories.

        There are lots of business chances to meet potential customer, explore new market opportunities, learn about next season’s trends, and add value to your business. It is currently one of the biggest and most comprehensive apparel fabric and accessories exhibitions in the world.

        With both the spring and autumn shows in Shanghai, this provides an excellent opportunity for overseas suppliers to build stronger relationships in the region and increase their presence in the market.

        China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories(圖1)


        Introduction of high precision color reading equipment for f

        With the continuous development and progress of textile and garment trade, more and more customers have higher and higher requirements on color, especially some brand customers and customers of large supermarkets have very demanding requirements on color.

        In some cases, the color samples submitted by the salesman to the customer were repeatedly rejected, which delayed the very precious time, thus making the whole order fall into a very passive situation.

        In order to improve the color of the samples, We recently purchased the Datacolor 800 spectrophotometer, one of the world's leading color measurement tools, which not only provides the color report but also REJECT the color deviation direction, so that the subsequent salesman will have a clear direction when making arrangements for the factory to repaint the color samples.

        Introduction of high precision color reading equipment for fabrics(圖1)


        Planning of intelligent factories

        The new factory will cooperate with the intelligent system to fully apply barcode, RFID, sensing and other Internet of things technologies to realize the digital definition and storage of people, materials, equipment and processes in the process of production and manufacturing execution, so that all production units will become software organizations linked by the network.Through the real-time production data optimization scheduling, improve the product rate of one-time logoff, automatic calculation of piecework production workers, effectively improve workers and machine efficiency and production capacity, improve production efficiency, and can quickly push through Internet technology and response, to help production management personnel for scientific decision, to reduce the production and business operation risk.With ERP as the core, the whole process of production execution is traced. Through the internal and external standardized interface, the people, equipment, processing center and data system providing services for production in the enterprise are all transformed into a part of the production organization, which ensures the integrity, accuracy, timeliness of data and the standard of classified data.

        Planning of intelligent factories(圖1)

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