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        Haohwa production bases are all over the country, and we have also set up overseas production bases in Bangladesh, striving for the direction of more professional hat manufacturing.

        We will continue to provide customers with quality products and services, and hope to become a model and preferred partner in the industry.

        • 10+
          10+ production base
        • 8000m2
          8000m2 overseas production base
        • 2000+
          Yearly develop more than 2000 hats
        • 5000000+
          Annual output 5 million hats

        Supply Chain Management

        Haohwa has established a high-quality and efficient production system and supply chain management system, 

        which integrates every detail of production into a perfect "industrial supply chain", 

        from hat design and proofing to raw material procurement, inspection, production and other links, 

        and has a professional quality control team to ensure product quality.

        Automatic innovation

        Innovative manufacturing process and automated equipment can optimize the production process.Our RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can intelligently identify the product quantity, style and specifications, A series of automatic equipment such as CAD automatic typesetting machine, automatic cutting bed, electronic jacquard, automatic marking machine, and automatic buttoning machine has been introduced, which not only improves the production efficiency and precision manufacturing of the process, but also improves the efficiency of production.

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