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        Established time2003

        Head office address11/F Zhongnan BLDG, 129 Zhongshan Road,Nanjing210005,China

        Main businessImport and export trade in headwear and garments accessories

        Innovative, collaborative, progressive and Adaptive

        Jiangsu Haohwa Garments Accessories Ltd. began its development in 1999 and was formally established in 2003. Over the past 20 years, Haohwa has become a leading manufacturer and designer of headwear for the sports, outdoor, lifestyle and fashion industries. We are committed to innovation, quality, integrity and superior  service, to become a long-term strategic partner of customers.

        Through the coordinated development with customers, Haohwa has gradually formed a complete production system to meet the needs of various markets. The factories are located in four provinces in east China, and Bangladesh, which has achieved BSCI/SEDEX/DISNEY/WALMART/DECATHLON and other major certification.

        Customer-centric company is always the concept, through sound technical equipment, advanced management system, efficient staff literacy, Haohwa is in the pursuit of becoming the industry's outstanding quality creators and excellent service leader.

        Leading manufacturer?and designer of headwear


        The company integrates marketing, sales, R&D, procurement and supply chain, and focuses 

        on the development and production of hat clothing and related accessories. 

        OEM and IDM businesses face the global mainstream markets such as Europe, America and Japan, 

        and become strategic partners through long-term cooperation with many well-known multinational brands.

        (Copyright belongs to the brand ownership)

        Sustainable development

        Haohwa believe that every employee has the ability to promote reform. 

        Our business guideline, management and decision-making are all based on sustainable development. 

        That is, ethics, environmental awareness, creation, innovation, excellence and learning spirit.

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