• Steps To Apply French Polishing

    French polishing is a wood finishing technique used in Chislehurst that embarks a high glossy surface with a deep royal and elegant color. It consists of several thin coats of shellac dissolved in alcohol using the lubricated pad. Experience and mastery matter in this work. Thus, it is always best to hire professional French polishers in Chislehurst. This type of polishing is extensively used in France to polish antique furniture.


    Preparation of the Shellac: Shellac is alcohol-based finish and comes in different shades of brown. It is available in flakes. You need to grind the flakes and soak them in alcohol. After it gets mixed completely then, the mixture is left for two to three days for best results.

    Preparation of the surface to be polished: Sandpaper rubbing is required before polishing the surface. The preparation of the surface is directly related to the glossy surface. Sandpapers of different grits are required for different surfaces.

    Finishing pad: To prepare a finishing pad, you need an old T-shirt cloth. The pad should have two parts, inner and outer. This makes the pad solid and helps in the easy absorption of Shellac.

    Soak the finishing pad properly: You need to soak the finishing pad thoroughly in the mixture. Dip it twice or thrice for this. When you test that the pad is absorbed with the mixture then, oil it a little. Gently move the pad on the surface at the onset of the finishing process. At least seven to eight moves in a circular form are required while finishing.

    Keep soaking the pad in the mixture and repeat: When you feel that the pad is drying then you can again soak it with the mixture to make it ready for another coat. Keep coating till you see that all the scratches and unevenness have vanished.