Property Tips and Tricks

  • House Valuation That You Should Know

    In London, property valuation is considered very important if you wish to sell your property. There are a lot of professional firms that provide probate valuations in London for residential as well as commercial properties. When you hire these professionals for valuation, you get complete solutions. They will have a complete schedule for testing out various areas to find its real value. There are tons of benefits that valuation will provide you including better market value and easy selling of the property. At the end of the process, you will receive a certification, stating the approximate value of the property in the current market.

    The following are some of the benefits that you can get by hiring a valuation agency:

    Professional approach

    Valuation firms are professionally trained and there is no personal bias involved in the whole process and they even check for factors that might not be directly visible. Things like checking for weakness in the core along and for fungal growth etc. are few such things.

    Enhanced value

    The primary advantage that you get by getting your property surveyed is the rise in overall value. Also, once you have got the paper work related to valuation,any prospective buyer will ask for it.

    Identify issues

    One of the most essential benefits that you can get will be knowledge about the damages in your property. Not all the damages are visible directly and you might never find out some of them until they take a serious avatar. Once all the issues are known, you can get them repaired properly before trying to sell it.

  • Types Of Surveys Conducted By The Professionals

    When purchasing or renting a property in London or when getting any construction done in which party wall is involved, it is essential to get a survey conducted. It might seem unnecessary at the time but it will help you in finding out if the property has any issues that can put a financial burden on you in the future. It may also pose a threat to your life if the property is too old and frail.

    In case, party wall construction is done, you should hire expert party wall surveyor from North London to get the survey of property done and to know what kind of damages neighbors the property can suffer so that you can get a party wall agreement created.

    Types of surveys

    Building survey –

    If you are very doubtful about the property, you can conduct a building survey. The surveyors will make a thorough analysis of the infrastructure and the condition of the property. All the floorboards, water pipes, walls, electric wires are monitored closely to find if any issues are there or are likely to occur. It can take a whole day to complete the survey as everything is reported and detailed properly.

    Condition report –

    The overview of the property is taken into consideration by highlighting only the major issues of the property. You can conduct this survey if it is in a good condition but you just want to be sure about it.

    Homebuyer’s report –

    It is the most common type of survey. A little more detailed than the condition survey, it will highlight the major and surface issues of the property. The surveyors will also look if any rules and regulations of the building area are violated. You can find the actual valuation of the property through this survey.

  • Few Mistakes Must Be Avoided While Selling Your Home

    Decision of selling your home in San Antonio will never be an easy choice to make and often you may get desperate if you are not able to find a suitable customer who is ready to offer you the right price.

    Often in this process, people may commit few costly mistakes too. There are a few real companies for discount home selling in San Antonio, TX available who may offer some discount on their commission while selling your house.

    home interior

    Following are a few mistakes that need to be avoided.

    1. Not working with any experienced agent

    If you have not hired a good estate agent then he can really spoil your deal. Experienced dealers are fully aware about the ups and downs of the market, local conditions and rules and good negotiation skills.

    1. Keeping your price very high

    If the price set by you is much above the market price of any similar other house like yours, then it is very unlikely that a prospective buyer will take interest in your property.

    1. Neglecting few important repairs

    Most buyers will prefer to buy a house which is in ready to move condition. If certain defects are visible then it is better to get it repaired before showing to any prospective buyer.

    1. Try to sell in wrong time

    Usually people are more interested to buy during the spring season.

    1. You have not depersonalized your home

    Try to remove all your old family photographs so that prospective buyers can make their personal connection with your house.

    1. Not decluttered

    Make sure that your home is decluttered.

    1. Your home picture is not impressive enough

    Try to hire the services of a professional photographer to take the perfect shot of your home.

  • Important Tips To Consider For Sending Party Wall Notice

    houses with beautiful view
    It would be unpleasant that if you directly send the party wall notice to your neighbour. That is why professionals recommend that you should always discuss your plans regarding the construction on the party wall before you send notice to the neighbours. Discussing them beforehand will let you know what issues they might face on the other side of the wall and you can include all those points in the notice.

    What are the important things that you should include in your notice?

    You need to be sure about how much it is going to affect the neighbour’s side of the wall and also you need to know that if builder damages neighbours property, who is liable to pay for the damages. All these things are important to mention. Other important thing that should be mentioned is when the work will be done on the wall and your residential ownership details, etc. You will also need to mention it specifically that what kind of work is going to be done on the wall.

    If your construction work includes digging up the foundation of the wall then you need to mention the details of work and why it is going to be done. You will need the neighbour’s confirmation for this kind of construction. However, you can mention the points about how this construction work will be strengthening the foundation. Also, you need to mention the plans of how all these things will be done so that the other party does not face any issue.