• Important Tips To Consider For Sending Party Wall Notice

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    It would be unpleasant that if you directly send the party wall notice to your neighbour. That is why professionals recommend that you should always discuss your plans regarding the construction on the party wall before you send notice to the neighbours. Discussing them beforehand will let you know what issues they might face on the other side of the wall and you can include all those points in the notice.

    What are the important things that you should include in your notice?

    You need to be sure about how much it is going to affect the neighbour’s side of the wall and also you need to know that if builder damages neighbours property, who is liable to pay for the damages. All these things are important to mention. Other important thing that should be mentioned is when the work will be done on the wall and your residential ownership details, etc. You will also need to mention it specifically that what kind of work is going to be done on the wall.

    If your construction work includes digging up the foundation of the wall then you need to mention the details of work and why it is going to be done. You will need the neighbour’s confirmation for this kind of construction. However, you can mention the points about how this construction work will be strengthening the foundation. Also, you need to mention the plans of how all these things will be done so that the other party does not face any issue.

  • Complete All The Essential Formalities Before Selling Your House

    Selling a house can be a very difficult task for a person. If you are in Stratford and want to sell your property for various reasons then you should find an experienced and professional broker to make the process easy. If you are not clear about how to process the selling plans for getting higher price then you can follow some essential tips for successful planning of houses for sale in Stratford. Some of these tips are as follows:

    Price it right

    Before pricing, you should compare your price list in the market. You should not quote a higher price for it, if you want to get the best deal. Do little research on the price and trends if you are planning for selling your property. You can also take some advice from a real estate adviser for the price of your property.

    Check your papers

    Legal and civic documents are the basic things which are very important for selling the property. You should collect all the documents of your property that were created during the time of purchase. Furthermore, one should also ensure that all the documents of the property are complete to make the selling process hassle free.

    Clear all dues

    You should clear all the dues like electricity and water bills. It is imperative to clear all the lease amount or property tax as well. If you want a successful transaction process then you should clear all the dues before selling your property.

    Click a clear house picture

    If you are selling your property via social media or real estate website then you should click the best picture of the in and out of the house to post them on the portal. Beautiful and clear picture gives the buyer an insight view of your house.

  • Tips For Claiming A New Lease

    A lot of people in London do take a building, flat or open space on lease for their business. Taking a land on lease is the best to start your business. So, if you have just started your business and are looking forward for a big new space to open your office or store, restaurants, school and many such businesses, then it is best to take that space on lease for several years. Many people find it difficult to claim to a new lease in London. So, mentioned below are some tips which can be really helpful for your lease claiming.

    Hire an expert to claim the lease: There are many companies available in the market which provides the facility to make the claim on any building that is available for rent or lease. Leasing requires a lot of documentation and other things which these companies can do it for you.

    Ensure the finance and lender consent: These companies are real quick when it comes to making the claim on the property, so it is your duty to ensure that all the necessary things such as financer and lender consent must be ready.

    Carryout the valuation: A value needs to be put on the lease agreement so it is best to carry out the valuation process of the property that needs to be taken on lease. You can hire a surveyor to get the property surveyed so that the right market value of the property can be known. Most of the surveyors will charge a fixed amount of money for a single survey.

  • Which One Is The Best To Use; Sofa Bed Or Spare Bed?

    sofa bed in living room

    Most of the people have this common confusion that they should buy a sofa bed or spare bed so that they can easily accommodate the unexpected guests that they get. Overnight visitors cannot be settled in a home where there is limited space, this is why it is necessary to find the best option in the sofa or bed.

    As no one in a family likes to share his/her room, this is the reason why you should look for the options that will help you to provide proper space to your guests. The option of having a spare bed or sofa is the best as it makes it easy for you to provide a good arrangement to your guests for staying at your place.

    Which is the best option to choose?

    • The use of a spare bed cannot happen on a regular basis, it may just take place in your house without proving any use for a long time. However, a sofa bed can be used by you on a daily basis.
    • The size of the sofa beds is compact, you can easily place it at any part of your house, whereas having a spare bed will take more space. If you already have space-related issues, then you should consider opting for the right size in sofa bed.
    • The designing options for sofa beds are huge, it is something that can add to the beauty and interior of your house.


  • The Beneficial Features Of Walk In Showers

    Days are gone when you needed a traditional bath tub to enhance the look of your bathroom. They were inconvenient in many ways like people used to slip a lot, people with mobility problem had hard time to get in or out from those traditional showers. Now, people use walk in showers because of their easy to clean and easy to use facilities.

    new bathrooms redecorated

    Beneficial features

    Easy Access – The reason that most people prefer walk-in showers in their bathrooms is because of its special feature that anyone can use it conveniently i.e. your kids or even your old parents. There are many service providers in Oxford that can make your bathroom more convenient by installing these showers. You can ask them to install easy access showers in Oxford with wheelchair or sitting slab in the cubicle or you can also ask them to install lower shower trays so that everyone can easily get inside the shower.

    Slip Resistant – These showers are equipped with every safety feature which includes making them slip resistant. You might have witnessed or experienced various accidents in bathroom. So, it is better to install these showers in your bathroom and prevent these accidents.

    Door – There is a wide variety of door options that you can install in your shower. It depends upon what kind of shower you have in your bathroom like a cubicle, shower tray or folding seat, etc. You can get a wide range of doors in walk in showers like glass screen door, plastic or PVC sheet, etc.

  • Buy Best Quality Timber For Construction Work

    Timber is widely used in construction for making beams and frame works like door and windows. You can use various kinds of timber for giving a rustic look to your property. In order to get the best timber, you should contact the suppliers that supply the best quality timber with the grains that you need. You can also get cut to size timber for your specific needs.

    Properties of timber to be used in construction

    Odor and color – most of the trees are characterized by a specific odor and color. Walnut comes in dark brown color and teak wood comes in golden yellow shade. Color of softwood like pine and deodar is white or light color. This wood has an aromatic smell so it can also create a good environment around you when you use it for manufacturing various wooden things.

    Moisture content – all kinds of woods or timber are hygroscopic in nature because they are porous. Timber gains moisture and loses moisture in the atmosphere which depends on its cell’s moisture content and humidity in the nature. Timber has the ability to absorb the moisture more than 2 to 2.5 times in comparison to its own weight.

    Grains – grains show the direction of the growth of timber. In a timber the vessels and tracheids grow parallel to the tree trunk. Sometimes fibers of the tree do not grow parallel to the trunk and they grow in a twisted, spiral, and interlocked way. So, you need to specify the pattern before placing an order for the wood.

  • Selling The Home During The Divorce

    It is the most stressful situation when you have to think about selling your house. It’s even more stressful when you are getting divorced. Selling the house during divorce affects you financially as well as emotionally.  Well, selling the house is the most common scenario during the divorce process especially if the house is jointly owned by the separating partners. It helps in the distribution of the property equally between the partners and also ensures that no partiality is done while the distribution of the assets during the divorce. There are many real estate agents who are ready to provide their extended help to the separating partners to sell home smoothly.

    Start a new life by selling the house

    Selling of the house before the final settlement of the divorce is a wise idea. It provides a strong foundation to make a new beginning of life between the divorcing couples. It also saves them from the stress of the litigation process over the house which they own jointly. Moreover, they don’t face the throwback of the bitter memories which they have spent with their partners in the same house.

    Estate lawyers make the selling process smooth

    A lot of people are unaware of the house selling process and the requirements involved. Hence, to ease down the stress, taking help from the professional estate lawyers is the right help. They understand the complexity and urgency involved in selling the disputed house or house of the divorcing couples. They consider the prenuptial agreement before the sale, prepare the sale deed and look for the best buyers to sell the property or house during the divorce.


  • Complete Your Construction Project Fast With The Help Of Machines

    Construction industry in London is using various technologies and innovative tools that are helpful in making the construction process easy. Furthermore, construction industry also uses concrete pumps to maintain the accuracy of the job and cut down the construction cost. In London, concrete pumping is the most effective way to pour the concrete mixture where you need. Basically, two types of concrete pumps are used in the construction industry, line pumps and boom pumps.

    construction site

    Why you should use concrete pumps for your construction projects?

    Enhance concrete pouring speed– speed matters a lot to finish different types of projects work within the pre-determined time frame. If you choose concrete pumps for pouring the concrete solution then it makes your work faster and simple. Concrete pumps are mounted on a truck so you can move them anywhere when you need to pour the liquid concrete. One doesn’t have to use wheel barrows and cranes for loading the concrete on different areas of the site. You can complete your project in short deadline without compromising with quality.

    construction site 2

    Reduces the number of labors – it can be too challenging for you to find the skilled and experienced labors for completing the construction project if you are running a construction industry. It is another reason why construction companies hire the concrete pump to fulfill the need of the labors. So, concrete pumps are very helpful in reducing the labor cost which you spend for completing your projects on the time.

    Using the concrete pumps is easy and does not require any professional training or guidance.


  • Various Methods To Save The Taxes

    No one wants to pay high taxes. But there are very few people who know about the ways of saving the taxes. In Illinois, people are stressed because of the high property taxes that they are compelled to pay. You can hire the lawyers to lower property taxes in Illinois. As they are experts, they will suggest you some effective ways for the same.

    You should take the loans:

    If you want to have a reduction in your taxes, you should take some amount of loan specified by the state authority. You can show the loans and can claim it in the rebate form which you can get at the court and thus save the taxes.

    Family limited partnerships:

    The business running on a partnership with the family members has emerged as an alternative to lower property taxes. There are no taxes on the inheritance properties that people want to transfer to the future generations. So, you can pass on your business and plans to your future generations in the partnerships.

    Renting the room:

    This is the most convenient method to save taxes. But there are some conditions with this clause like you need to give room on rent in your house only.

    Vintage and classic cars:

    This is another alternative of saving the tax along with fulfilling your passion of buying classic cars. Many people are very much passionate about buying the vintage cars and showing them off to the society but this can also help you in reducing the amount of tax that you will be paying.

  • Avail Considerable Income By Putting Your House On Rent For The Film Shoot

    Having a luxurious residence with ample of space, airy rooms and garden will not only help you to maintain a good reputation in the neighborhood but can also act as a source of income. Due to commercialization of film industry and setting up of different production houses, directors and producers are in search of new locations. If you are an owner of a luxurious mansion and want to avail such opportunity then it is advised to contact agencies for filming location hire.

    Things to be taken care of in the beginning

    In the preliminary stage, you are expected to take great photographs of your place and hand them to various agencies. It is also advised to hire a professional photographer who would add life to your residence’s pictures. Most of the professional agencies won’t provide your name or the address instead they will help you get a meeting with people who are interested in shooting at your place.

    What are the charges?

    In most of the cases, professional agencies do not charge a dime for their services; instead they work on a commission basis. You are supposed to pay them a percentage of what you would earn from a film producing house.

    Things to consider during a shoot:

    For the mean time during which your house gets hired for shooting purpose, you are not even asked to vacate your place as film directors only need specific part of the house for a film shoot. If you have kids then it is advised to either send them to a relative or make them behave in the best possible way so that they don’t interrupt the shoot.


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