best timber

  • Buy Best Quality Timber For Construction Work

    Timber is widely used in construction for making beams and frame works like door and windows. You can use various kinds of timber for giving a rustic look to your property. In order to get the best timber, you should contact the suppliers that supply the best quality timber with the grains that you need. You can also get cut to size timber for your specific needs.

    Properties of timber to be used in construction

    Odor and color – most of the trees are characterized by a specific odor and color. Walnut comes in dark brown color and teak wood comes in golden yellow shade. Color of softwood like pine and deodar is white or light color. This wood has an aromatic smell so it can also create a good environment around you when you use it for manufacturing various wooden things.

    Moisture content – all kinds of woods or timber are hygroscopic in nature because they are porous. Timber gains moisture and loses moisture in the atmosphere which depends on its cell’s moisture content and humidity in the nature. Timber has the ability to absorb the moisture more than 2 to 2.5 times in comparison to its own weight.

    Grains – grains show the direction of the growth of timber. In a timber the vessels and tracheids grow parallel to the tree trunk. Sometimes fibers of the tree do not grow parallel to the trunk and they grow in a twisted, spiral, and interlocked way. So, you need to specify the pattern before placing an order for the wood.