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  • Types Of Surveys Conducted By The Professionals

    When purchasing or renting a property in London or when getting any construction done in which party wall is involved, it is essential to get a survey conducted. It might seem unnecessary at the time but it will help you in finding out if the property has any issues that can put a financial burden on you in the future. It may also pose a threat to your life if the property is too old and frail.

    In case, party wall construction is done, you should hire expert party wall surveyor from North London to get the survey of property done and to know what kind of damages neighbors the property can suffer so that you can get a party wall agreement created.

    Types of surveys

    Building survey –

    If you are very doubtful about the property, you can conduct a building survey. The surveyors will make a thorough analysis of the infrastructure and the condition of the property. All the floorboards, water pipes, walls, electric wires are monitored closely to find if any issues are there or are likely to occur. It can take a whole day to complete the survey as everything is reported and detailed properly.

    Condition report –

    The overview of the property is taken into consideration by highlighting only the major issues of the property. You can conduct this survey if it is in a good condition but you just want to be sure about it.

    Homebuyer’s report –

    It is the most common type of survey. A little more detailed than the condition survey, it will highlight the major and surface issues of the property. The surveyors will also look if any rules and regulations of the building area are violated. You can find the actual valuation of the property through this survey.