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  • Different Types Of Plinths For Kitchens

    Kitchens are a prime subject of decoration and renovation from time to time. Being a place that holds a vast number of materials, tools, and equipment, kitchens require some serious transformation from time to time to keep them efficient and well working. One of the elements that add to the efficiency of the kitchen is the kitchen plinth clip. It is one of the most required fittings needed to keep the kitchen drawer and cupboard panels in check.

    Here are the different types of plinths that are available for kitchens.

    Unit material

    These are the plinths that are made using the same material used in making the base of the kitchen. The unique advantage with these plinths is that being in the same material and color, they blend in really easily with the rest of the kitchen so that there is no interruption in the imagery of the kitchen. These unit plinths are also a cheaper choice and thus are a preferred option for many.

    Door Material

    As the name makes it clear, these plinths are made with the same material as the doors and also have the same orientation in terms of color and design. Again, what one gets to see is a stylish continuation of the cabinet door design that is seamlessly smooth and very dominating on the floor design.

    Mirrored Plinths

    This one is a perfect pick for adding more charm to the kitchens. These plinths are perfectly glossed in a way that they almost function like mirrors. Therefore, they make the entire kitchen appear like an altogether magical place, provided with some decent lighting.