loft conversions

  • Know Which Type of Loft Conversion is Suitable for You

    Loft conversions are gaining popularity these days because of the various benefits it provides. Apart from maximizing the space, adding extra value to your house it is also a source of income if you rent it. So, due to its cost effectiveness and hassle free alternative, many people convert their attics into loft space.

    Loft extension or loft conversion do not put much pressure on your pockets, there are many types of loft conversions There are many loft conversion companies in London which can help you make lofts at affordable price.

    Types of loft conversion

    Hip to Gable conversion: It is preferred by loft conversion companies in London where there are more than two slopes. It is a good method where space constraint is present. Mostly ideal for semi-detached and detached houses with hipped roofs, it brings an extra space. You can add a staircase and make a good study room, entertainment centre or bedroom.

    Dormer conversion: This is the most versatile type of loft conversion. It is suitable for small and low lofts. The existing roof is extended, which results in increased light, head height and extra space. The converted loft projects out of the property’s roofline.

    Mansard conversion: It is the most complicated and expensive conversion. It involves extensive change in the renovation of the attic. If done properly then it certainly maximizes the space and property value, regardless of the existing structure.

    There is another technique of VELUX conversion known as roof light loft conversion. It does not involve any kind of roof extension. So, these are the different types of loft conversions, which are affordable and suitable.