orangery bristol

  • Different Orangery Styles

    Are you looking for suitable orangery styles in Bristol? There are few companies who can offer you a wide range of bespoke and also custom orangery styles.These companies manufacture orangeries right from scratch and therefore orangery in Bristol has unlimited possibilities as far as style is concerned. You can get them in different size, shape, wood type, internal architecture, roof lantern size, window styling and also brick base that are all completely customizable.

    Some of the design inspiration

    If you are looking for few inspirations for orangery styles then following are few examples of the work available from these companies:

    1. Edwardian style : In this Edwardian style, it will typically incorporate square or rectangular type of floor plan and use strong bold lines with a decorative finish for giving the appearance of Edwardian, that can easily complement properties of all ages.

    2.Victorian style : This kind of Victorian style conservatories will usually feature like the ornate gothic type of features that will give the old style look which is usually attributed to the Victorian properties. Usually they will tend to be round with bay window at the end of any square or rectangular shaped floor plan.

    3.Gable Fronted : This kind of gable fronted orangeries can be a very popular choice because they will offer the maximum amount of floor space, light as well as a high-pitch roof. These will really add more space and also a very light airy feeling for any property where they are installed.

    4.Lean to Such lean : to structures will use the outer wall of the property as part of the structure and will give that kind of “Leaning” appearance.